Business FAQS

We’ve gathered together the most common questions posed to Glamy about partner relationships. We hope they help with the query that’s niggling you…

How does the booking system work?

Glamy gives salons access to their own online booking system so they can independently control their calendar and on-site availability. We teach them to use the software, to synchronise it with their own digital diary (if they opt not to use it as their main management system) and to keep their appointment information up to date. This includes training on blocking out time slots that have been filled, as well as time periods when the venue may be closed.

As a result, all appointments showing on both our website and app should be bookable. If you do encounter inaccurate availability listed on site, please don’t hesitate to let us know and we will get in touch with the venue to correct matters as soon as possible.

Should I accept the Glamy gift card?

Currently, we are not selling or distributing Glamy gift card through Glamy or any other medium. But of course the voucher’s a great way of getting more exposure on site, and of picking up incremental sales. It can be exchanged for full or part payment for your full priced services, and of course you benefit from up sell. It’s subject to just 5% plus VAT commission.

Are reviews really important?

Yes, they are. Glamy has its performance measure metrics to measure your performance on our portal. Also positive reviews really influence other customers browsing your deals, plus they help you to sit higher up in the rankings so you get more exposure as well as potential sales! We encourage customers booking with you through our site to leave reviews for you, but it’s also an idea for you to ask your own customers to leave feedback.

How do I get featured in the Recommended For You email to customers in my local area?

Our new Recommended for You email is sent on a frequency decided by our customers and features deals in their local area. The offers are selected at random from site, based on criteria including location and minimum discount threshold. Preference will always be given to offers available as appointment bookings rather than just eVoucher, so it’s really sensible to allow all of your offers to be purchased in this way. The logic behind the email will also ensure that the same offer is not repeated in a 30 day period.

How do I sit at the top of the listings?

Customers can filter by a series of options – such as highest discount and lowest price – to sort their search results, but if they look at ‘Best Match’, they’ll be seeing our premium venues first. These are filtered with the venues with the highest number of great reviews appearing first. So unfortunately we can’t send you straight to the top of the pile, but by working on your reviews you help yourself sit higher up.

What’s the difference between an eVoucher and an appointment booking?

If a customer buys an eVoucher, they’re not selecting their date and time at the point of booking. Instead, they’ll have a validity period in which to use the voucher and will contact you directly to book in. eVouchers payments are made 15 days from redemption of the voucher in gPartner. Appointment bookings are where a customer selects their date and time before checkout – either looking at your live allocation if you’re using our diary management tool, or by on request if we’re managing your bookings for you. We pay you for all appointment bookings 7 days from the appointment or stay date, and you don’t need to collect a voucher number from the customer, as their visit is paid for and confirmed without the need for an eVoucher.

When and how do I get paid?

eVouchers payments are made 15 days from redemption of the voucher in gPartner, while all dated bookings (appointments, spa days and spa breaks) are paid 7 days from the date of the appointment or stay.

How do I get in touch?

We want to make sure you can get through to the right person to help out with your query. If you want to speak to your Account Manager about your partnership, call through to our Partner Support Team on +91 8800577920 or email

If you’ve got a query about a customer voucher or appointment, it’s best to speak to our Operations Team on +91 8800577920

If you’ve got a query regarding payment, your remittances, or need help redeeming an eVoucher, call +91 8800577920 and select the Finance option

If you need help using gPartner we have a technical team who will help you to resolve your issue. If you prefer to call, give us a call on +91 8800577920